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Athletic Gu Gara project: Stronger Than All Iron

Athletic gu gara

It’s Friday and I’m a little bit tired after getting home latish last night from celebrating Basque Language Day. However, I am never TOO tired to share cool Athetic news when they cross my path.

Back in October, the “Athletic Gu Gara” musical project was presented in Lezama, Athletic’s training grounds. The initiative has brought together many familiar names and generated great expectation among Athletic fans. Also unveiled were the main lines of the project in which Athletic Foundation collaborates, and a preview of the album, “Stronger than All the Iron”, that was released in December.

Take a listen and try not to get all emotional! I failed miserably.

 Also, Check out their new teaser recording!

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Ellen Espizua Caamano Anastasia Aldecoa

One thought on “Athletic Gu Gara project: Stronger Than All Iron

  1. Ellen Espizua Caamano

    Fabulosiak!!! :o))))) From a New York Basque Club life long lover…my dear Aunt Pili, CMT, is finally back in our Basque homeland in Irun after serving humanity in S. America and British Columbia for 60 years….with many visits home….can’t wait to see her in our Basqueland. THANK YOU for all you share Henar!!! ♥♥♥

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