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Basque Run/Walk Korrika coming up in Boise on April 25, 2015

Boise Korrika – The lowdown

Korrika 2015When: April 25, 2015 at 10:00 a.m.
Where: Basque Center (601 W Grove)
Cost: Adults $5, children free (checks ok)

Boise’s Korrika is a two-mile social walk to raise awareness and promote Euskera. This year’s theme is Eusk-AHAL-dun = euskaldun, “you can speak Basque and “Basquenize” yourself.” We believe you CAN too! All the proceeds will go to help the future Basque language instructors. Please dress in white, red and/or green.

There will be food at the finish line, as well as water bottles available for purchase.

Come and bring your friends!


Korrika is the Basque name of a countrywide race in the Basque Country. Its objectives are to enhance awareness of Basque language and to raise funds to carry out Basque literacy programs for adults.

Since the first Korrika took place in 1980, the race has become one of the major events in favor of Basque language. Korrika 2015 will celebrate its 19th edition, which will begin on March 19h and will last 10 days non-stop. The run will start in Urepele and end in Bilbao. As in previous editions, hundreds of thousands of people of all ages and fitness levels will be taking part.

A hollow baton is carried during the race and exchanges hands at each change of kilometer. Inside there is a message which will not be made public until the Korrika ends, when a well-known Basque personality will read it out loud.

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