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A pianist from Ortuella makes it big in the United States

Courtesy of robertoberrocal.com

Courtesy of robertoberrocal.com

Ortuella might be a small mining town (and my hometown) in the Basque Country, but it is home to many people of caliber, such as Roberto Berrocal, a pianist making it big across the Atlantic.

Berrocal lived in Ortuella with his parents until 1996, when he moved to the United States. There, he continued his piano studies in the University of South Carolina and the New England Conservatory in Boston.

Roberto Berrocal arrived in Ortuella today, in anticipation to his concerts at the Conservatory of Music in Gazteiz (on February 21), and the Euskalduna in Bilbao (on February 22). He was received by the town Mayor, Saulo Nebreda.

He lives in Miami, where he works as the Founding Artistic Director of the St. Hugh-Steinway Concert Series. He is also establishing his career as a solo piano player.

For more information, visit his website http://robertoberrocal.com

To read the original article in Spanish, visit Un pianista de Ortuella triunfa en Estados Unidos


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