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Are you of Basque ancestry but have never been to Euskadi? EITB might be your chance

EITB, the first communication group in the Basque Country, is embarking in a new TV project called “Cuestión de origen” (It’s all about origen). The program’s goal is to rebuild the past, history, curiosities, anecdotes and so on of different people with Basque roots. The main character of “Cuestión de origen” must be someone who has never been in the Basque Country but has Basque ancestors. This person will travel to the Basque Country for the first time and will visit their place of origin, where their ancestors lived, and they will meet relatives they never knew. This way, they will feel first hand the land they’ve heard so much about. Along with the program historians, the guest will research their roots to discover their family history. If you or someone you know would like to take part in this project, please send an email to cuestiondeorigen@eitb.eus.


La productora del programa de EITB “Todos los apellidos vascos” está preparando un nuevo proyecto para la televisión vasca que se llamará “Cuestión de origen” y busca reconstruir el pasado, la historia, curiosidades, anécdotas y demás de diversas personas con raíces vascas. El/la protagonista de “Cuestión de Origen” deberá ser una persona que nunca haya estado en Euskal Herria pero sus antepasados sean vascos. Viajará por primera vez a Euskal Herria y conocerá su lugar de origen, donde vivieron sus antepasados y se reencontrará con parientes totalmente desconocidos. Así sentirá en primera persona la tierra de la que tanto le han hablado. Junto a los historiadores del programa, el invitado investigará en sus raíces descubriendo su historia familiar. Si conocen a alguna persona interesada en participar en este proyecto, pueden escribir a cuestiondeorigen@eitb.eus.

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Juan J. San Mames Jeanne Simmons Rose Cenarrusa Nelson Dawn San Pedro ian mcgrady Linda Dorremocea Larry Olson Richard Nalder Juan Hiriart

20 thoughts on “Are you of Basque ancestry but have never been to Euskadi? EITB might be your chance

  1. Linda Dorremocea

    I would love to apply for the project! I am half Basque and have never met my relatives

  2. Jeanne Simmons

    I am 1/4 Basque and 1/4 French, not sure if I qualify. My great grandma was from Hasparren and I am named after her. Your project is interesting and I would love to trace my roots.

  3. Henar Chico Post author

    Hello Jeanne, you should send an email to EITB and see if you qualify. Good luck!

  4. stacy galarza

    i just emailed you a message! this is great. i would love to be a part of this!!

  5. Henar Chico Post author

    Fantastic news! But just to be clear, I’m only the messenger here, hehe. EITB is the organization that you would be dealing with. Good luck!

  6. Oscar

    For Jeanne Simmons. If your granma came from Hasparren, please don’t hesitate and write.

  7. John Harris

    My mother is from the Basque Country came to Australia in 1960 I was born 3 years later
    Her name is susana Irisarri ruete born guipuzcoa!! ( I think)

  8. Hiriart

    Bonjour, je m’appelle James et j’ai des origines basque (par ma mère) je compte visiter et peut être m’installer au Pays Basque afin de me rapprocher de ma famille et de parler la langue.
    Je suis très curieux et fasciné par la culture basque depuis mon enfance. Avec Internet et avec l’aide de la famille j’apprends à parler l’euskara. C’est pour moi la plus grande richesse du Pays Basque.
    Votre projet semble intéressant et si c’est possible je souhaite y participer. Je garde cette page dans mes favoris.

  9. Dawn San Pedro

    My family comes from Guenes, Vizcaya, Spain and Urepel, Aquitaine, France. I would love to do this…. I have spent many researching, heard so much but never been to Euskadi!

  10. Rose Cenarrusa Nelson

    I am full Basque and both parents have passed.My Dad has family in Spain who I would love to meet
    My Dad came here from Spain and met Mom after arriving here.
    Both her parents are Basque.I started trying to find my ancestry
    Thru genealogy.It would be a dream come true if I could have this opportunity.I am a caregiver for my husband who is 64 and disabled
    My Dad’s parents were Leon and Ramona Zenarruzabeitia from Munitibar

  11. Marisol Brandon

    I’ve been 3 times to the Basque Country, but only once to the villages my relatives are from and that was 57 years ago. Would love to go again.

  12. Richard Nalder

    My grandmother wanted to take me back to see the old country when I graduated from high school. I passed on the opportunity like the 17 year old idiot I was. When I graduated from college, I asked her if we could go then. She told me that I missed my chance. I am now 61 years old and still haven’t been. I kick myself all the time for missing the opportunity to go when my grandmother could be my guide and her sisters were still alive to receive us.

    Having grown up in her basque hotel in Nevada, I saw lots of Basques who truly wanted to go home for a visit but knew they never would. I now know their longing. This would be a great opportunity for me to explore my roots. I am half basque with a French Basque grandmother and a Spanish Basque grandfather.

  13. Christian noboa

    My motherside is from Vizcaya.
    My Basque names are Elizalde Askazubi. PleAse contact me I never knew there was a community tel join with euskal herria

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