A Basque in Boise

Want to Basque Yourself this summer? The University of the Basque Country can help!


The UPV/EHU is an open and inclusive institution; we receive close to 1,400 international visitors every year and we seek to make your stay with us productive from an academic point of view and unforgettable from a personal perspective.

An inclusive public institution.

Committed to research, intellectual leadership and social obligations.

A guardian of the Basque language (Euskara), the only pre-Indo-European language in Western Europe.

An International Campus of Excellence, the UPV/EHU offers:

  • A wide academic offer in all areas of knowledge.
  • Close to 90 bachelor’s degrees.
  • Over 100 master’s programs.
  • Over 70 doctoral programs.
  • Sustained development of English in our academic offer.
  • Three academic campuses: Araba CampusBizkaia Campus and Gipuzkoa Campus.

Every member of our team wishes you a warm welcome and we hope to go beyond your expectations in theBasque Yourself 1st International Summer School 2016.

Welcome to the Basque Country: a natural Paradise and a centuries-old culture!

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