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CCI Greenheart is looking for families to host exchange students

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Heather Tucker, Local Coordinator for CCI Greenheart, a division of Greenheart International, is reaching out to the community in Idaho because they are looking for kind and loving families to host International Exchange Students. There are spots open for exchange students in Boise’s local school districts, and she is hoping you may consider opening your home to one. CCI accepts all kinds of families – children, no children, empty nesters, single parents, and so on.  The main requirement is love, kindness and the willingness to learn about your student’s culture while sharing your own.

CCI has a great group of students arriving for the 2016/17 school year this August. The students are ages 15-18 and have the appropriate visa, medical insurance and their own spending money. They have students from over 60 countries with a variety of interests, talents, and hobbies. CCI specifically matches host families with students who share some of the same interests. Hosting an exchange student proves to be a great promoter of diversity and diplomacy for the local communities. It is also an incredible opportunity to make the lifelong dream of an international teen come true, enrich the lives of your family and those in your community, and contribute in a significant way to global peace and understanding.

Heather shares with us some brief profiles below. There is more detailed information on each student and many additional students waiting to hear about their American families. If there is a certain type of student you think would be a good match for your family, please let Heather know.

  • Joane is a 15 year old girl who lives on the coast of Basque country in Spain.  Studying abroad has been a dream of hers since she was young. She loves volleyball, traveling, and music. Her favorite singer is Ed Sheeran, and she plays the violoncello and a little bit of piano. She was born in China but moved to the Basque country when she was one year old. She describes herself as cheerful, polite, hardworking and responsible. She wants her career to involve working with children and helping people. She is perfect for IDAHO and how fun would it be for her to see our Basque community!
  • Dominik is a 16 year old boy from Germany who loves American football, baking, (yes, football and baking!), going to the gym for weight training, and swimming. He has split parents so he takes on a lot of responsibility helping his mom and his dad. He helps in the garden, goes shopping, and prepares dinner. He has dreamed about coming to the US since he was a child. He wants to learn more about our culture make friends and have many new experiences. He is going to make a great addition to any family!

Feel free to share this post with others that you think may make a great host family for one of our students.  If the family that you refer hosts, CCI Greenheart will thank you by sending you a $100 Visa gift card.

You can obtain additional information on hosting by calling (208-969-0631) or emailing (dheather86@gmail.com) Heather directly, or applying to be a host family at the following link: https://www.cci-exchange.com/host-families/long-term-hosting/apply.


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