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Smithsonian Folklife Festival upcoming Basque events

You have probably heard by now that the Smithsonian in Washington DC is set to explore our Basque Culture during the 2016 Folklife Festival in July. However, there are fun events and activities in May, leading up to the big event.

So, mark your calendars! Plans for community engagement activities are pretty much locked in. I wouldn’t miss it if I lived a little bit closer by.


Basque Journeys: Stories in Film

Part 1: Zuretzako by Javi Zubizarreta and Song of the Basques by Emily Lobsenz. Q&A with the filmmakers. Sunday, May 15, 1-4:30 pm, Warner Bros Theater, National Museum of American History. See it on Facebook.

Part 2: Asier ETA Biok by Aitor Merino and Amaia Merino. Q&A with artists and scholars – Aitor can’t make it in from Spain, but we’re hopefully going to Skype him in. Saturday, May 28, 1-2:30 pm, Warner Bros Theater, National Museum of American History. See it on Facebook.

These two events are FREE to the public.


Third (and final) Installment – $25 TICKETS for unlimited cider – tickets not yet available, but will be in a few days. Sunday, May 22, 6:30-9pm, Colony Club, 3118 Georgia Ave NW.

Mercedes Mendive, Basque American accordionist, will be our guest performer in from Elko, NV. She’s been studying the accordion since age 10, and traces her musical pedigree back to a very unique and rare musical style from the Basque Country of the mid-20th century. She’s innovated this style, which she describes as “clean, happy and light” with her own touches inspired by the American West. Meanwhile, Anxo will be offering their usual suite of Basque small bites or pintxos, plus unlimited cider in the txotx activity.

Basque Untapped: Ciders of the Basque Country

Guided cider tasting and talk with small edibles hosted by Smithsonian Associates – $50 TICKETS. Tuesday, June 21, 6:45-8:45pm, Castle Commons, Smithsonian Castle.



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  1. J. Mallea

    The oldest and most peaceful people in Europe are still denied their own country and flag, and equated to Isis to boot. Mon Dieu!

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