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From Bilbao to El Abra: A video recording from 1961

Once again, our About Basque Country friends have brought to our attention another cool story related to Euskal Herria. I found this one even more special because it revolves about my favorite city in the world: Bilbao.

During the 1950s and 1960s, Belgian born Raymond Fontaine would collected images from the places he visited. This is an 11-minute recording from 1961 of a walk he took from Bilbao to El Abra, where we can see images from Bilbao’s City Hall, the Ría, El Abra, the road from Bilbao to Zorroza, Getxo, and Portugalete.

What a wonderful thing to see the places where I grew up, before I was even an idea in my parents’ future plans!

(You can read the original article in Spanish on the About Basque Country’s website. Also, there is recording from the same period, but of Iparralde, which you can watch here.)

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