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Morning newspaper ILLUS.jpgI arrived to work this morning with a feeling I hadn’t experienced in a long time. I got to here and I wanted to write! There was this little fire, well, spark really, daring me to open up the blog and get right to it. This summer, I found happiness amidst the sucky situation that is living apart from half the people I love. Feeling warm and fuzzy inside has always driven me to (over)share. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for you guys), I made the mistake of looking at Facebook before I set out to count my blessings.

I have been told before that hiding from the ugliness in the world will not help make it better, that one has to know in order to make a change. I rarely go past the headlines on war tragedies or violent crimes, but it’s more for protection than not caring. Besides, I don’t need to read the details by which thousands of people now live in dire straits, or how exactly the family friend took advantage of the little boy. Simply knowing that it happened can be enough to bring me to tears. Then, I take the anger and sadness and use it to educate my kids on the importance of not being an asshole.

I don’t understand the obsession with needing to know every single disgusting detail of someone else’s nightmare. Lately, several Spanish newspapers are having a field trip disclosing Whatsapp messages from the five assholes who raped a 19-year old woman inside her building last July during San Fermines. I don’t know more than what I unwillingly read when the headlines showed up on my feed this morning. I find it hard to believe that anybody needs to delve further into the particulars to imagine the hell these pricks put her through. If you need that to empathize, you suck. She was used and humiliated once in that hallway. Now, thanks to the media, she gets to be fucked again, this time in front of the whole country.

And now that we have taken away whatever dignity this woman had left, let’s all go back to reading memes on Cabronazi.

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