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Job listings for Game of Thrones in Zumaia will be posted on Sept. 5

(Courtesy of EITB)

(Courtesy of EITB)

I can’t comment personally on the success of the series as I might be the only person on Earth who hasn’t seen it. But judging by what I’ve been reading online, maybe I should!

Job listings

In any case, for all of you hard-core fans in the Basque Country, here’s your opportunity to get a bit closer to the action, as the Gipuzkoan city of Zumaia was chosen last month as the place to film several scenes of the series’ 7th season. On September 5th, you will have a chance to register in Alondegia for different jobs, from 11:00 to 17:00, by filling out a form indicating your characteristics and personal information. Some of the available jobs are gardening, cleaning, and security.


If you rather be an extra in the series, you will need to visit ModExoir International for participation requirements, but details will not be available until October, as the company just announced on their Facebook page. We do know that the castings will be in person, and that they are not looking to cast women in the north.

You can read the original article in Spanish on EITB’s website.


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