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Gatibu presents their new video from the movie ‘Igelak’ soundtrack

Igelak is the new comedy from Patxo Telleria, filmed in Basque and featuring Friend Zone‘s Gorka Otxoa. Gatibu, a Basque rock band from Gernika-Lumo, was responsible for creating the soundtrack for the movie. Today, they presented the main song and its new video at Sede Keler in Donosti.

Igelak (Frogs), directed by Patxo Telleria, to be screened at the Basque Film and ETB Gala, follows a corrupt banker on the run. This is the third time that the actor, screenwriter and filmmaker from Bilbao has premiered a film at San Sebastian after having written and directed with Aitor Mazo La máquina de pintar nubes (The Cloud-Painting Machine, 2009), winner of the Versión Española Best Screenplay Award, and Bypass, in 2012, Best Film Comedy Award at Michigan.

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