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Free App ‘Mendiak’ (Mountains) identifies more than 1,500 summits in the Basque Country

‘Mendiak’, written in Basque and developed by CodeSyntax, a company based in Gipuzkoa, is intended for all hiking enthusiasts in the Basque Country.

ScreenHunter_480 Sep. 20 10.45The app identifies more than 1,500 summits in the area and allows the users to save and share their hikes, as well as the history and rating. It also offers information about the mountains, statistics, comments, and maps.

According to the company, the objective of this tool is to identify the most important mountains in the Basque Country and nearby provinces. The idea is to expand the app by adding more mountains from the Basque Country and other areas.

Even though the app was written in Basque, it has an intuitive design that allows non-Basque speakers to navigate through it easily.

Unfortunately for iPhone users, at the moment the app is only available for Android phones on PlayStore.

Para leer el artículo en castellano, haga clic aquí.

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