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‘Loretxoa’, Benito Lertxundi’s famous song, flamenco style

Today, thanks to Naiz, I discovered another version of one of my favorite Basque songs, Benito Lertxundi‘s ‘Loretxoa’. This time, Donostia’s flamenco group Sonakay, with Santi, Baldin Bada‘s bass player, performs the song in flamenco style.

I liked it, but I gotta say, my favorite will always be Exkixu’s version, even before I knew who the singer was (Alex Sardui, now with Gatibu).

I’ve gathered below the various versions of ‘Loretxoa’ I could find. What’s your pick?

Benito Lertxundi



Itziar Barredo


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María Sesma Toby Maritorena

4 thoughts on “‘Loretxoa’, Benito Lertxundi’s famous song, flamenco style

  1. María Sesma

    This is phenomenal, one song and such a variety of presentations. I so appreciate that you have shared this. The meaning of the words escape me. I do so regret that I never learned the language of my grandparents.

  2. Toby Maritorena

    Again Henar, you always find the
    most interesting things related to our culture! Thank you very much! I have to say I loved all the versions also. I can see why Eitb is happy to have you on thier team.?

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