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Etxepare-Laboral Kutxa Translation Prize 2017 for publishers/translators

The goal of this call launched by the Etxepare Basque Institute and Laboral Kutxa is to award a prize to a published translation of a literary work originally written in Basque. The prize will reward the quality of the translation and the publisher’s promotional strategy. For that reason, the publisher and the translator will share the prize.

The prize will be worth 4,000 Euros. The publisher and translator will each receive half of that amount.

As well as the prize, the prize-winners will receive a grant of up to 2,000 Euros to come to the prize-giving ceremony and continuing with the promotional strategy in the country of publication (presentations, events, publicity campaigns, media interviews…).

Application requirements

– Applications will be accepted from translators, publishing houses or anyone else who works in the field of publishing, literature or translation.

– The translation must have been published in 2016.

– It must be a published literary work originally written in Basque.

Deadline, place, and method for presenting applications

The period for submitting applications is June 5 to June 30 (both included).

The application and the following documents should be sent by email to etxepare@etxepare.eus:

–       The translator’s CV.

–       A report on the publishing house. The report should include the promotion events done before the application, as well as the events planned for the near future.

–       The first 15 pages of the translated book.

Within the same period, and in order to complete the application, one copy of the translated book should be sent to:

Etxepare Basque Institute office
Tabakalera building
Andre Zigarrogileen plaza 1
2012 Donostia-San Sebastián

Contact information

Kizkitza Galartza
Tel 943 02 34 09

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