I just thought I’d begin my contribution to Basque Identity 2.0 by just introducing myself.  My name is Blas Uberuaga.  I was born in Idaho.  My dad, Pedro Uberuaga, is from Munitibar, Bizkaia, and came to the United States to be a sheep herder.  My mom, Monica Uberuaga nee Telleria, is from Jordan Valley, Oregon.  Her grandparents had also come over to be sheep herders, her grandpa, Blas Telleria, from Mutiloa, Gipuzkoa, and her grandma, Ines Eiguren, from Leikeitio.

Growing up, I was in the Basque dancing group led by Gloria Lejardi.  However, I wasn’t at all interested and I quit as soon as I was allowed.  That was my main participation in things Basque until I went to college.  I spent a year in Donostia during undergrad to try to learn Basque and Spanish through the University Studies Abroach Consortium.  However, my Basque never got to be very good, partially because the Batua I learned wasn’t very useful with my dad’s family in Bizkaia.

When I returned, and started grad school, I wanted to learn some HTML and how this new internet thing worked, so I began designing a personal page.  To make it some thing unique, I decided to make it centered around Basque culture, using information from my time in Donostia and things posted on the email list Basque-L.  From that, Buber’s Basque Page grew and grew, with people all over the world contributing.

Anyways, I look forward to contributing this blog and greatly thank Igor and EITB for giving me this opportunity.

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