True or false…Sodom and Gomorrah, the Trojan War, and the Basclenses

15 thoughts on “True or false…Sodom and Gomorrah, the Trojan War, and the Basclenses

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  12. Henar Chico

    Kaixo Pedro, thank you for such an interesting article! We’ve all heard about the similarities between Irish and Basque nationalism, and the IRA and ETA movements have been compared many times. It looks like the more science advances, the closer we are to finding out where Basques came from. It will finally bring light to an ancient question. However, I think it will be a little sad when the mystery is finally gone.

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  14. Pedro J. Oiarzabal

    A Basque iron axe from the early 1500s has been found at a Huron ceremonial burial site, which is located at 1,500 km away from the Canadian coast? “Historians believe the first contact between Europeans and the Huron tribes of the Great Lakes didn’t occur until around 1615,” archaeologist Ron Williamson said. How did it happen?…

    For more information:


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