Video: Mountain Biking on the Basque Coast of Spain

This video was shot at the end of 2011, just after the end of our mountain biking holiday season. The Spanish weather was perfect for mountain biking, dry and sunny but not too warm. I spend a couple of days mountain biking and filming and then edited it together into this video. Ideally a video should be between two and three minutes long but the scenery on the coast was so stunning I just couldn’t bring myself to cut the video any further!

At BasqueMTB we started producing videos to show people what the mountain biking was like in this part of Spain. Many people know of the south of Spain for mountain bike holidays, however the infinitely more beautiful Basque country is relatively unknown. Many people don’t even know where the Basque country is, or have heard of San Sebastian but don’t know its location. We think that if people can see how beautiful this area is they will want to come here and that is the reason we started producing these mountain bike videos and pictures. So far that seems to be true and the series of videos we have produced have had hundreds of thousands of views from hundreds of different countries all over the world. It reinforces our view that the Basque country is one of the best places in the world for a holiday. Or for anything else for that matter!

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