FIPV: Countries hosting the next international competitions 2009

IV World Cup of 30m Fronton. – IOC’s President Trophy:

The Mexican Federation of Fronton, having not confirmed in the asked for term its candidacy for the organization of this competition, the Executive Committee of the FIPV has admitted the candidacy of the Real Nautical Club of Tenerife presented/displayed by the Spanish Federation of Pelota. This competition will take place from the 14 to the 19 of September.

VII Trinquet’s World Championship Under 22 years:
The Argentine club of Venado Tuerto, having resigned to the organization of this competition, the FIPV will decide next friday 6 of February between the Federations of Argentina and Uruguay which will have to prepare a dossier in this sense. Predicted dates: October/November.

III World Cup of Cesta Punta/Jai Alai. – IOC’s President Trophy: –
The candidacy of the Federation of the Philippines is confirmed. The organization will be trusting to the company Master Jai, in charge of a new fronton in phase of construction. Date to be confirmed

Situation of the Fronton Mexican Federation
The existing litigations between the FIPV and the FMF have being regulated, so it has been requested from the Appeal Commission of the FIPV to consider this new situation as for application of the sanctions previously requested. The re-establishment of normal and constructive relations between both federations are sincerely hoped.

Pelote Basque French Federation
The “Pelote Basque French Federation”, after having held its Specific General Assembly, informs she is directed by a new Board of Directors and its new President is Mr. Jean François Pascassio Comte.

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