Jai Alai: Imanol López, number one in Miami

Imanol López has shown this summer in the Basque country that he is a top player, and the two months he has spent in Miami so far has not done much to change that.

The zaguero from Zumaia finished his short summer season as the player with the highest percentage of wins just ahead of Irastorza and is leader in the beginning of the winter season, both in total quinielas won and in win percentage, just ahead of Goikoetxea, his compatriot and rival, who last year finished as number one in Miami followed by him.

The statistics are impressive; he has won 28 of the 111 quinielas he has taken part in, which gives him a win percentage of 25,2%. Goikoetxeo has with his 24 wins a percentage of 24,2%.aaaaaaa2

Source: Translated from http://manista.blogs.com/bitacora/

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