Txapela de Oro 2008: Abel Barriola

Abel Barriola has been crowned the top pelotari of 2008. The defender from Leitza topped the Manista.com Rankings at the end of December and is therefore crowned Txapela de Oro for the past year. It is the first time he has achieved this honour. His victories included the Navarrese Cuatro y Medio crown and three summer tournaments (San Fermin, Lekeitio, San Mateo). In addition to this, he was the runner up in the Manomanista championship, reached the semi finals of the pairs championship (with Sebastian Gonzalez), was third in the Cuatro y Medio championship and runner up in the BBK Masters. He won 74% of his matches and was the most consistent competitor of the year.

The very young 40 year old Titin III was the runner up and, despite several periods of injury, Aimar Olaizola completed the podium.

Abel Barriola

Abel Barriola

The top 10

1. Abel Barriola (2375 points)
Winner, Navarrese Cuatro y Medion Championship
Runner up, Manomanista Championship
Semi finalist, Pairs Championship
Third, Cuatro y Medio Championship
Runner up, BBK Masters
Winner at San Fermin, Lekeitio and San Mateo

2. Augusto Ibanez Sacristan “Titin III” (1975 points)
Runner up, Pairs Championship
Semi finalist, Cuatro y Medio Championship
Winner in San Mateo, La Blanca and Zarautz

3. Aimar Olaizola “Olaizola II” (1915 points)
Winner, Pairs Championship
Winner, Cuatro y Medio Championship
Finalist at Pamplona and Logrono

4. Oinatz Bengoetxea “Bengoetxea VI” (1575 points)
Winner, Manonmanista Championship
Finalist in San Sebastian

5. Juan Martinez de Irujo (1430 points)
Runner up, Cuatro y Medio Championship
Winner, BBK Masters
Winner at La Blanca

6. Sebastian Gonzalez (1240 points)
Semi finalist, Manomanista Chamionship
Semi finalist, Pairs Championship
Semi finalist, BBK Masters

7. Yves Sallaberry “Xala” (1105 points)
Winner at San Fermin
Runner up, La Blanca and Zarautz

8. Oier Mendizabal “Mendizabal II” (1095 points)
Winner, Pairs Championship

9. Aritz Laskurain (995 points)
Runner up, Paris Championship
Winner, Zarautz

10. Julen Retegi “Retegi Bi” (920 points)
Winner, 2nd Tier Manomanista Championship
Winner, 2nd Tier Pairs Championship

Past winners

2007 Titin III
2006 Martinez de Irujo
2005 Olaizola II
2004 Olaizola II
2003 Titin III
2002 Olaizola II
2001 Ruben Beloki

Image from: http://www.elcorreodigital.com/vizcaya/prensa/fotos/200706/14/060VIZ14FOT2.jpg

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