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Jai Alai: Miami Jai alai players – Game 13 Doubles Champion Game

You would think on a average midweek jai alai game you would see some decent jai alai, but the performance that The Great Players of Miami Jai Alai would prove they are the best in the world on any day. And whether it is any day of the week you can expect some world class Jai Alai. I could only view this game. It was Game 13, the doubles championship game played to 9 points with double scoring after the first round. First The Lineup:

  1. Tevin-Erkiaga
  2. Jabi-Garro
  3. Lejardi-Irastorza
  4. Aritz-Patrick
  5. Goikoetxea- Ricky
  6. Rekalde-Aldazabal
  7. Zinkunegi-Ladutxe
  8. Areitio-Lopez

PART # 1
Game 13 Doubles/9 pts wed Feb 4th
The match started with an early scratch Tevin out Jon in. Jon who on a daily basis does not play with the caliber of players he would face in this high paced, very exciting game. He is an early game player, and for all you new fans the best of the roster, they play the last 5 games of the daysgames. So one would think Jon would be out of his league. Well he would prove he can play with the very best in the world if his game is on.The match started with Post 2 taking the first point; a quick point. This would be a rare statement for the rest of this game. The action was fierce each team fighting like this was the world cup!

The points were long and filled with awesome catches and even better kill shots. The first round a team would serve, only to be ousted by the team upnext. For all the new fans, the first round is single points, and once all have had a chance, the second round goes to double points for the
rest of the match.

The second round would be a round that all fans would have loved to seen, and the third, and the fourth. As you can see this match would be like the Aussie open final this past weekend. Federer vs Nadal, a 5 set epic battle that Nadal would win. The match was one of the greatest ever in a grandslam tennis match, and in the end Federer was in tears, unable to compose himself during the post game interview.

Well back to this battle. As far as actual details I had posted earlier, only for it to disapeer, I dont know why, but I remember which players stood out. Jon was fantastic making tough catches against the wall, and throwing some of the best remotes and kill shots in the game. He reminded me of Arregui from Dania: No fear at, all grabing serves like there were $100bills flying from the sky. Nothing was stopping him. 3 teams had gamepoint only to take the long walk back to the cage, Post 1, post 8, post 7 and a few other teams had 5 or more points. Zinkunegi was spectacular catching all that came his way, along with his backcourter Ladutxe. They wore down teams with their consistent play. Mistake free and when he had the chance Zinku would end the point. He achieved this many ways; mixing it with remotes, cortadas, and caroms that couldn’t be touched. Believe it or not, Goikoetxea was off not a factor in this game, Lopez was mistake free, throwing the ball harder and with perfect placement, and catching
every ball that was within his reach.

But when the game was over only one team could claim the doubles Championship Post 7 with Post 1 second and Post 8 grabbing third. A game for the ages, for you gamblers the payoffs were very nice 1-7quinella $77 7-1 exacta $255 and the Trifecta a wonderfull $1,100 superfecta was a 7-1allall paying $102 by the way the game ended 7-1-8-3. Hope you enjoyed this recap, to all have a great week!!