Jai Alai: Game 7 Dania Jai alai Friday Feb 6th

Friday Feb 6 2009

GAME 7-Spec 9-Tri,Spr

  1. Xabat-Chasio
  2. Toto-Carvalho
  3. Erik-Larrea
  4. Angel-Elgezabal
  5. Arrieta-Eibar
  6. Korta-Ulises
  7. Olate-Amigoren
  8. Jairo-Sierra II

SUBS: Cancio-Manex

Friday night the 6th of Feb, just another night at the Palace of Dania Jai alai, Heck No!! this night the players were out to showcase their skills. The crowd though not huge , cheering and jeering on most points so I would say there was 2 things for sure, a lot gamblers, and some beer to make it sound like a full house on many points, well maybee not full but half full. lol.

The Night started with a couple of players scratched for the evening, giving a few pelotaris a very busy night. Amigorena and Oyarbide would not be there for their games some of the players would have to play 7 games this evening, taking the place of the scratched players. Lets get to the game, game 7 would start at 9pm eastern time, with 7 games remaining in the evening, Manex was the player who took the place of the scratched Amigorena. Xabat started the match off with an overserve, which was met with jeers from the crowd, Eric and Larrea would take out the Mexican Combo of Toto and Carvalho who had received a freebie thanks to Xabat.

Eric for the fans who dont know is the most talented player to come to dania in a very long time, only 22 years old has the shots and the catching ability of many veterans, Post 3 would run off 3 points in a very aggresive fashion, eric going for the kill shots on when the opportunity was there. Post 5 would send post 3 off the court ,they would be riding the bench in 3 minutes or so later when they were sent packing by Olate and Manex Post 7 , Manex who was subbing for Amigorena to say the least rose to the occasion, catching every ball that came his way,Olate the frontcouter was completely error free throwing with a very high speed to take out many teams, he also was a catching machine scraping balls off the wall that most players could not. This team would be doing the victory dance at the end.

There was a few to many overserves in this game 3 and one underserve. The match was Won by post 7 in the second round plainly outplaying all others on the court. The end result 7-3-2-1 Quinella $33 Perfecta $76 Trifecta $411 and the superfecta $1,042 Time of the match 30 minutes

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