Jai Alai: Interview with Alex Hormaetxea

Alex Hormaetxea

Alex Hormaetxea18/02/2009: Alex Hormaetxea has had a bit of a tough time theese last days, since he injured his shoulder, which now makes it impossible for him to do the thing he likes the most; play Cesta Punta. He was injured last Monday in Gernika when he together with Alberdi III won with 30-20 against Baronio/ Mugartegi. He now hopes that the injury will start to get better.

¿How did you feel last Monday in Gernika?

Well, it was quite alright. The bad thing was that I from about point thirteen and on felt pain when I was serving. But I guess you could say that I in general felt alright.

Yesterday you went to see the medical expert again.

Yes that is correct. I went to see Mikel Sanchez to see if the swollen sinew was getting better. Now I will have to rest for one week, because as I’m serving and shooting with the arm above my head, I still feel some pain.

What kind of injury are you really suffering from?
A hypertrophy in the sinew of the biceps. All of us cesta punta players suffer a bit from that, because of the position of the shoulders when we play. Some parts of the shoulders  get more developed than others.

Mikel Sánchez is important for this sport.
Yes, and he is very nice as well. When he was thirteen years old he played cesta against my father in a tournament in San Juan de Luz. The playing partner of Mikel later became professional in Miami. He stayed there and they lost contact with each other until my father sent him an e-mail.

Theese two months have been very tough for you.
Yes, really tough. The worst thing was to be announced to play and than have to cancel games likes the Individual de Navidad. I was about to try to play again, but in the end I felt that I was in no condition to do it. It was getting really hard to keep waiting and hoping to get better.

¿Was it hard watching your collegues play?
Yes that was really hard, because I really wanted to start playing again. During that time I watched many games.; on Mondays I went to Gernika , and after the games I stayed in the fronton to see if my shoulder would feel better, but it didn’t.

After this, we hope that the injury wont appear again this year.

Yes. I hope my shoulder will be alright this season so that I will be able to play at a high level when the others arrive from the USA during the summer. They will have a small advantage, but we will catch up.

Has the support from your famliy been important during this period?
Yes, and they have all supported me. Mi girlfriend was really supportive and helped me a lot during the time I couldn’t play.

Source: Translated from Master Jai

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