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Jai Alai: Master Jai's weekly update


26/02/2009: Churruca has been the main character in Orlando Jai Ali, where he managed to reach no less then twelwe wins. Alltogether this gives him 59 victories, which places him as number four in the Most Wins. Olabe is still in the lead with 67 quinielas won. Among the backcourters Gino and Tommy have stood out during the last days, each accounting for nine wins.

In Miami Lopez is still in the lead thanks to the ten pairs quinielas and 5 individuals that he has won since last thursday. With last weeks wins, he managed to increase the distance to Beñat and Girard. Also worth mentioning is the the good play by Aizarna, which has given him ten wins, and the bad luck for Irastorza, Ladutxe and Lejardi, who have not been able to gather many points due to injuries.

En Dania Erik has a firm grip on the Most Wins through his eleven quinielas won last week. That is two more than Korta and three more than Diego and Arrieta. The best backcourter has been Manex, who is now at place seven. Other good news from Dania is the reappearence of Gotzon Enbil.

In Ft. Pierce Hernandez became best pelotari last week with six victories, one more than Troy. Hernandez is still number one in the standings.

Source: Master Jai