Jai Alai: Miami Report

Aldazabal, we all know his stats are not up to par and from a gambling perspective, not really a guy that you want on top of your tickets. But the guy is a joy to watch. He gives all out effort on every point and when in position, he catches everything. He is fearless, he will go up against the wall against the hardest shots from the world’s best. High cesta Aldazabal for your wonderful day in and day out effort.

Goikoetxea is just an amazing player and clearly the best of this era and maybe ever. In game 10 at Miami on Friday Goiko was in the six hole paired with Garro and in the five hole has Citrus champs Rekalde and Lopez. Goiko played possed and really look determined to show the champs who the true king was. He had several cortada’s that were picture perfect that game. The combination of placement and raw power that he has is remarkable.

Manuel is off to a very slow start at Miami and that is not a suprise, as he somewhat struggled at Fort Pierce as well. I think it is a matter of adjustment to the skill level at Miami. We all know this Mexican pelotari will play the game hard and make some very hard catches. Santiso’s .095 says it all. I have watched this guy for years upon years now and it’s still the same player. No effort, no placement, no rebote, no right side to speak of, I ‘m guessing no passion (or he would work to improve) and its lame to watch him.

I see that Girard is getting a look in the late games and that is good to see. He is a very nice young backcourter. He has sort of a stiff style, but he uses it well and catches nearly everything. He will have to improve his positioning and his ability to catch off the short bounce to be a factor in the lates, or these guys will just hammer him with the forehand.

Gallardo is a hard player to figure out. God knows that the shots and the ability are there. He catches great from the left and has various remate’s from the left. I have a hard time figuring out what he deal is with him, I have a hard time not betting him because in my mind, with his skill level, he can take it perfect at any time. He is 40, so age clearly might be the problem. Even in the early games he is playing against good players.

Chauderon was the wins leader last season and is playing very competitive again. He is a good player and has very stylish form.

Two more notes:

* Lopez is a beast. His defense is simply amazing.

* I may be in the minority but I think Aizpitarte is going to be a decent player. The schooling he is getting from that roster right now will turn him into a pretty good player. He has good power and a decent forehand. Once he finds the proper positioning and control he will be fine.

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