Jai Alai: Treku ceases the opportunity

TREKU-FÉLIX                       35

Duration: 74 minutos
Points on serve: 2 for Treku and 1 for Baronio
Scoring sequence: 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 7-3, 7-4, 8-4, 8-6, 12-6, 12-7, 14-7, 14-8, 15-8, 15-9, 17-9, 17-10, 19-10, 19-13, 22-13, 22-14, 23-14, 23-16, 24-16, 24-21, 26-21, 26-22, 28-22, 28-23, 30-23, 30-24 and 35-24

Treku has ceased the opportunity he was given to compete in Gernika. Together with his backcourter Félix he managed to beat the pair made up by Baronio and Mugartegi with 35 -24. The winners showed already from the beginning how they wanted this game to turn out, and David showed great strenght in finishing the points. The first big leads were registered quite early in the game (12-6 and 19-10). But the blue team had not given up, and a series of good points evened up the score a bit, and gave them back the hope for victory. They managed to climb back to 24-21 and 26-22. But at that point Barronio started to play more irregular, and David Treku saw to it that the score quickly climbed to the finishing score 35-24 after an hour an fifteen minutes of play.

The results in the other two games were:

AIMAR-GARAI             25
LEKUE-ARRIOLA         18


OLHA-ELIZEGI                       30

Source: Translated from Master Jai

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