Manomanista Championship: players announced at presentation in Bilbao

Oinatz Bengoextea seeks to defend his title

Oinatz Bengoextea seeks to defend his title

At an official presentation in Bilbao this morning, the 20 players scheduled to take part in this year’s Manomanista Championship were announced. They are as follows:

For Asegarce: Bengoetxea VI (defending champion), Olaizola I, Olaizola II, Patxi Ruiz, Beloki, Leiza, Peñagarikano, Begino, Agirre and Retegi BI.

For ASPE: Barriola, González, Martinez de Irujo, Xala, Laskurain, Pascual, Urberuaga, Berasaluze IX, Eulate and Zubieta.

The first round will start on Friday (3rd April) when Berasaluze IX takes on Eulate in Zeanuri.  The full schedule can be seen here

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