Barriola determined to come back fighting

In a press release, ASPE report that Abel Barriola, who has undergone surgery to repair a cruciate ligament in his right knee, will travel to the International Rehabilitation Centre for Sport (CIRD) in Valencia in an attempt to return to competition as quickly as possible. The defender from Leitza intends to spend the next two months there, undergoing daily sessions in both the morning and the afternoon. In addition to assisting with recovery work, the staff of the CIRD will work to ensure that he loses no muscle tone through a combination of closely monitored exercise in the gym and the pool. He will also undergo manual therapy sessions and electrotherapy in the hope of returning to the fronton in top condition.

ASPE predicted that Barriola would be out of competition for around six months in the wake of his injury; there is no word of any revised timeframe as yet.

Abel Barriola: looking to his return

Abel Barriola: looking to his return

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