Pelota on ETB-Sat this weekend

Friday 15th January, Getaria

23:25 (CET)  TITIN III – PASCUAL v OLAIZOLA I – PATXI RUIZ Pairs Championship Quarter Finals

As the Pairs Championship enters its second week, Titin and Pascual will be hot favourites in Getaria. Asier Olaizola and Patxi Ruiz looked disorganised and rusty last weekend against Irujo and Beroiz, while today’s opponents pulled off a terrific win against Aimar Olaizola and Oier Mendizabal.

Saturday 16th January, Pamplona

18:05 (CET) GONZALEZ – LASKURAIN v BENGOETXEA VI – BELOKI Pairs Championship Quarter Finals

Oinatz Bengoetxea and Ruben Beloki will be the favourites in Pamplona. Last week they defeated Xala and Zubieta comprehensively with Bengoetxea especially outstanding. However, Sebastien Gonzalez and Aritz Laskurain, who lost their opening match to Berasaluze VIII and Begino, will be determined to get their championship back on track here. This could be an intriguing encounter.

Sunday 17th January, Eibar

16:55 (CET) BERASALUZE IX – LARRINAGA v URRUTIKOETXEA – ARGOTE 2nd Tier Pairs Championship Quarter Finals

18:00 (CET) MARTINEZ DE IRUJO – BEROIZ v BERASALUZE VIII – BEGINO Pairs Championship Quarter Finals

Astelena is in for an exciting evening on Sunday. To whet the appetite there is an intriguing match from the 2nd tier pairs competition, which pits neo-pro Larrinaga, along with Asier Berasaluze, against the two finalists from last year’s 2nd Tier Cuatro y Medio Championship. Following this is a main course featuring an exciting forward battle between mano king Juan Martinez de Irujo and the irrepresible Pablo Berasaluze, who was on great form last week against Gonzalez and Laskurain.

Monday’s Pairs Championship game (18:00, Mungia) is between OLAIZOLA II – MENDIZABAL II and XALA – ZUBIETA. I will post any broadcast information for this when it becomes available.

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Oinatz Bengoextea will look to maintain his good form

Oinatz Bengoextea will look to maintain his good form

Image from: Diario de Navarra

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