Barriola on the road to recovery

On Tuesday, Abel Barriola held his first training session since rupturing a cruciate ligament in his right knee last April. He was able to play for an hour, alongside Mikel Olazabal and Ladis Galarza, without any adverse effects and is said to be able to run normally. There is no date set for his return to competition as a full recovery is the primary goal. The pelotari from Leitza visits Tolosa five times a week for physical rehabilitation exercises. He is also, apparently, riding his bike several times a week up Mount Lizarraldea in order to feed his dogs, who are kept there. It seems there is light at the end of the tunnel for a much missed player.

Source: Diario Vasco

Barriola is on the comeback trail

Barriola is on the comeback trail

Image from: Diario de Navarra

2 thoughts on “Barriola on the road to recovery

  1. peter

    hey tiffany! I’ve just moved to San Sebastian (well since September) and was wanting to go and watch a match in Anoeta. Do you know how often they play there and if there are any fixtures coming up? cheers!

  2. Tiffany Post author

    Hi Peter, thanks for your message and thanks for reading my blog! Lucky you! I love San Sebastian but have only been there once. I’ve never been to Atano III sadly so I have no first hand experience, but all the matches, for all the towns, are posted on this site: You can also check the match schedules of the empresas, here and here I’m not sure when the next matches in San Sebastian are; it tends to be used for the big matches and not so much for the smaller ones. You could always go down there and ask I guess. It’s pretty easy to get to other towns with important frontons too, like Tolosa and Eibar. Hope that helps and enjoy…I’m green with envy!


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