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Patxi Ruiz injured, to be replaced by Apraiz

Patxi Ruiz will miss Monday’s Pairs Championship match in Tolosa after straining a gluteal muscle. He will be treated with a combination of rest, physiotherapy and anti-inflmmatories. Alexis Apraiz steps into the breach to partner Asier Olaizola against Xala and Zubieta. Jabier Otezia will substitute for Apraiz in the Second Tier Pairs, in which he plays with Inigo Diaz.

Source: Asegarce

More injury woes for Patxi Ruiz

More injury woes for Patxi Ruiz

Image from: El Correo Digital

Capellan’s last match

Aspe have announced that Miguel Capellan will play his last professional match on Sunday 14th February at his home fronton, Adarraga in Logrono. His will be the first match of the evening and it will be followed by a brief tribute to the 39 year old Riojan pelotari whose career has spanned over seventeen years. Capellan will play two matches before his last hurrah, on Monday in Tolosa and on 7th February in Eibar.

Image from: La Rioja