Injury to Asier Olaizola

Asier Olaizola suffered an injury to his right side in the doubles match at Labrit on Saturday which preceded the championship game between Martinez de Irujo-Beroiz and Xala-Zubieta. The game had to be abandoned with the score at 2-0. According to Asegarce, the forward from Goizueta underwent an MRI scan in Tolosa, which revealed an oedema in his right abdominal oblique muscle. The required treatment involves physiotherapy and approximately twelve days of rest before exercise can recommence. His injury raised immediate worries over his participation in the Manomanista Championship, the presentation for which takes place on Tuesday 6th April, but it now seems that his chances are better than initially feared.

Sources: eitb, Asegarce

Image from: Noticias de Navarra

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