Second Tier Manomanista presented in Bilbao

The fifteen pelotaris who will take to the fronton in the Second Tier Manomanista Championship were presented to the media in Bilbao today, at the headquarters of sponsor, Ipar Kutxa. Nine are from Asegarce and Six are from Aspe. They are as follows:

For Asegarce: Argote, Arretxe II, Ibai Zabala, Iza, Leiza, Mendizabal II, Olaetxea, Penagarikano and Urrutikoetxea

For Aspe: Aritz Lasa, Beroiz, Cabrerizo, Merino, Retegi Bi and Zubieta

See here for dates and fixtures

Mikel Beroiz returns to defend his title

Mikel Beroiz returns to defend his title

Image from: Deia

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