Bengoetxea VI and Patxi Ruiz take San Fermin crown

My blog was out of action for a while, and then there was a Tour de France related hiatus on my part, so my report of the San Fermin Pairs Final rather fell by the wayside. However, belatedly, I can report that the showpiece was won by Asegarce pair Oinatz Bengoetxea and Patxi Ruiz, who defeated Titin and Inigo Pascual in a surprisingly one sided final. The 22-12 scoreline was an accurate reflection of a game in which the Aspe duo never really gained a foothold, in the face of some quick-witted, inventive and brutally accurate play from Bengoetxea, who looked better than he has all year. Ruiz too appeared a pelotari reborn, offering sterling support to his forward partner, who struck nine winners on the way to a compherensive win. The pair looked justly delighted, revelling in their success and also no doubt the party atmosphere of the final night of the great Pamplona festival.

EiTB has a video summary of the match here

Success for Oinatz and Patxi

Success for Oinatz and Patxi

Image from: Noticias de Alava, by Patxi Cascante

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