Olaizola II Back with a Bang

Aimar Olaizola returned to pelota on Saturday in a pairs match at Labrit, and played almost as if he had never been away. Although the game ended in a 21-22 defeat for Aimar and Apraiz, against Berasaluze VIII and Beloki, the champion forward declared himself very happy to have finished the match feeling good and with no ill effects. The Asegarce medical and coaching staff shared his delight at a highly successful recovery. The match itself was an exciting and action packed affair, in which Olaizola punished Beloki and took a tremendous fight to Berasaluze. A win would have been the icing on the cake, but Olaizola will care little, for he is back in the fray. The evening ended with further celebration, as the participants joined in a party for the returning pelotari’s 31st birthday.

Source: Asegarce

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