Zubieta ‘scared and happy at the same time’ as the speed of his recovery amazes doctors

Diario Vasco reports today that Aitor Zubieta is making an excellent recovery. The defender from Etxarri-Aranatz tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee while contesting his Masters semi final in December. He can now bend the knee completely, and is in optimistic mood. He reports that the knee shows no signs of inflammation and that he was able to dispense with both crutches only two weeks after surgery, which took place a month ago. His doctors are ‘astonished’ by the speed of his progress, and much of his rehabilitation is now done at home, rather than the clinic. Zubieta stated that he can ‘lead a normal life’, with the exception of playing pelota, but is rightly cautious about the potential speed of his return to the fronton, stating that ‘it is important not to get tendinitis and to improve everything we can. And the doctors will tell me when I am ready to go’. According to the previous estimate, he will likely resume competition in June or July.

Source: story in Diario Vasco, by Joseba Lezeta, 3/2/11

Image from Deia

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