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New players, new contracts, and departures at Asegarce

Asegarce have announced the signing of two new pelotaris, Iker Tainta (Barañaian-Navarra) and Alvaro Untoria (Nájera-La Rioja). Tainta plays his first match on 25th June in Pamplona, while Untoria will make his debut on 2nd July in his home town.

Meanwhile, Arretxe II has re-signed with the empresa for the next two years, and Oteiza has renewed for six months. Penagarikano, whose contract is about to run out, is still in talks.

Three players will not have their contracts renewed. Aratz Mendizabal leaves after eight years with the empresa. In that time he won the second tier championships in both Pairs (2005) and 4 1/2 (2006). Inigo Diaz, second tier 4 1/2 champion in 2007, leaves after six years. The Asegarce bosses are reportedly unhappy with his progress since his debut in 2005. Inaki Eskudero also moves on. He made his debut in 2003, and was runner up in the second tier pairs championship in 2005, 2008 and 2010. He will remain active, joining Garfe 11, where he will play alongside the likes of Koka, Capellán, Mikel Goñi, Fernando Goñi, Eugi and Eulate.

Mikel Beroiz to Asegarce for four years

Mikel Beroiz has agreed terms with Asegarce to make the move from Aspe to the Bilbao based empresa. He has signed a contract for the next four years. The move was mutually agreed between the empresas, primarily for the good of the sport; Aspe has a starry crop of defenders, including Barriola, Zubieta, Merino II, Laskurain, Pascual, and the up and coming Zabaleta, creating an imbalance. At Asegarce, Beroiz will have more room for his talents to shine, and he will bolster a grouping which currently includes Beloki, Patxi Ruiz, Apraiz, Begino and Albisu. Beroiz, who recently celebrated his 22nd birthday, expressed his sadness at leaving friends and colleagues behind at Aspe, and thanked the empresa for giving him his break, but stated his excitement at a new challenge, and the security of a lengthy contract, more lucrative than the one he has left behind.

Beroiz moves on to pastures new

Beroiz moves on to pastures new

Image from Deia, source Diario Vasco