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Pablo Berasaluze extends Asegarce contract, but suffers injury woes

There was mixed news this week for Pablo Berasaluze. The forward from Berriz re-signed with Asegarce, for the next two years, taking his contract with the Bilbao-based empresa up to August 30th 2013.

Less positively, he suffered an injury to his right buttock in his match in Getxo on July 30th and is currently in the midst of a ten day course of physiotherapy to rectify the situation. A scan at the Clinica La Esperanza in Vitoria-Gasteiz revealed trochanteric bursitis and a swelling between the tendons of the gluteus medius. More aggressive treatment may be needed if physiotherapy proves ineffective.

Image from Noticias de Navarra

Pelota on ETB Sat, 5th-7th August: Virgen Blanca

Vitoria-Gasteiz’s Virgen Blanca festival kicked off yesterday in traditional style with the descent of Celedón, and today it is the turn of the elite of pelota mano to come out to play. Tonight, Ogueta sees the first match of the tournament, which pitches Riojan veteran Titin and 2010 Pairs Champion Zubieta against 2008 Manomanista winner Bengoetxea and reigning Pairs Champion Begino. The winner of this match will play Manomanista Champion Xala, and young talent Albisu, on Sunday.

Friday 5th August, Vitoria-Gasteiz


Followed by TITIN III – ZUBIETA v BENGOETXEA VI – BEGINO Virgen Blanca quarter final

Sunday 7th August, Vitoria-Gasteiz


Followed by XALA – ALBISU v WINNERS FROM 5TH AUGUST Virgen Blanca Semi Final

To watch, go to https://www.eitb.eus/television/etb-sat/en-directo

The Pelota Twitterati: who to follow

Twitter is changing the world of sport. In years gone by, fans, writers and participants alike relied on the traditional printed and broadcast media for both rumour and fact, but the micro blogging tool has brought about a revolution in the way information, both verified and otherwise is disseminated. Twitter is often the first place to publish results, the first place one hears of a transfer, a team selection or a controversy. It is also an enlightening tool for the manner in which it allows users to get under the skin of a sport; the news or a race report can tell us what happened in, say, an epic mountain stage of the Tour de France, but it cannot collate, within an hour of the finish, the dozens of emotional, elated or despondent testimonies of the riders, or penetrate the micro dramas which go unnoticed at the back of the bunch, away from the spotlight of the conventional, and victor orientated, press. It also allows fans and insiders alike to interact with the protagonists, to ask questions, and send congratulations or condolences, as the circumstances dictate. Never has the world of sport been so open, so accessible.

Pelota has perhaps, in comparison with some sports, been slow to latch onto the benefits of Twitter, but is becoming an ever bigger presence. Four-time Pairs Champion Fernando Goñi was the pioneer amongst players in the use of the medium, and he has been followed by several colleagues. Asegarce now provides an official presence, and the media is becoming ever more active. Below is a list of who to follow, for everything pelota. I may very well have missed something or someone; let me know if you notice a major omission!


Fernando Goñi (@fgoni; you can also follow the feed for his hotel, @QuintoReal)

Pablo Berasaluze (@pberasaluze8)

David Merino (@davidmerino21)

Gorka Esteban (@gorka_ezka)

Cecilio Valgañon (@cevalgan)

Alexis Apraiz (@Apraiz2)

Aitor Zubieta (@AitorZubieta; this is a secure account to which you have to send a follow request)


Asergarce (@asegarcepelota)

Pelota-specific media

Carlos Zuluaga (@czuluaga; manista.com)

Jorge Elipe (@jorgelipe)

Wider sporting/news media

EITB (@eitbcom)

EITB news, in English (@eitbnews)

EITB sports news (@eitbdeportes)

Diario Vasco (@diariovasco)

Diario de Navarra (@diariodenavarra)

El Correo (@elcorreo_com)

Deia (@NoticiasBizkaia)

Also, follow me, Tiffany Hore (@AlbertinaPdC) for updates from this blog