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Aimar Olaizola’s Manomanista campaign in severe doubt

Potential bad news both for Asegarce and for the Manomanista Championship as a whole emerged this morning as it was revealed that Aimar Olaizola’s injury problems are of a potentially severe nature. Olaizola, the tournament favourite, is scheduled to enter the competition in Pamplona on Sunday against Retegi Bi but he is now in doubt due to a swelling in his right triceps which has extended to the latissimus dorsi muscle in his back. This is the same injury which afflicted him in the 2003 final, which he lost to Patxi Ruiz and which subsequently saw him out of action for six months. The signs are therefore not promising.

He was supposed to play his quarter final this past weekend but requested a postponement. He underwent a test on the fronton on Friday but he had to stop after only a few minutes. A scan will be performed in Vitoria today and depending on the extent of the injury as revealed by that he may test his shape again tomorrow. The worry is that if he plays at the weekend he may, like in 2003, pay the price with a lengthy period on the sidelines. We can only watch and wait.

Source: El Correo

Aimar: doubtful

Aimar: doubtful