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New players, new contracts, and departures at Asegarce

Asegarce have announced the signing of two new pelotaris, Iker Tainta (Barañaian-Navarra) and Alvaro Untoria (Nájera-La Rioja). Tainta plays his first match on 25th June in Pamplona, while Untoria will make his debut on 2nd July in his home town.

Meanwhile, Arretxe II has re-signed with the empresa for the next two years, and Oteiza has renewed for six months. Penagarikano, whose contract is about to run out, is still in talks.

Three players will not have their contracts renewed. Aratz Mendizabal leaves after eight years with the empresa. In that time he won the second tier championships in both Pairs (2005) and 4 1/2 (2006). Inigo Diaz, second tier 4 1/2 champion in 2007, leaves after six years. The Asegarce bosses are reportedly unhappy with his progress since his debut in 2005. Inaki Eskudero also moves on. He made his debut in 2003, and was runner up in the second tier pairs championship in 2005, 2008 and 2010. He will remain active, joining Garfe 11, where he will play alongside the likes of Koka, Capellán, Mikel Goñi, Fernando Goñi, Eugi and Eulate.

Cuatro y Medio Week 3 Results

Friday 29th October, Balmaseda: URRUTIKOETXEA beat DIAZ 22-21

In a game full of emotion and excitement in Balmaseda, 21 year old rising star Mikel Urrutikoetxea came back from a 17-20 deficit to defeat Inigo Diaz. The match rested on a knife edge almost throughout, with the players tied on eight occasions. As both tired of the lengthy rallies, mistakes crept in towards the conclusion of the encounter, but this did not detract from a stunning game. Urrutikoetxea showed iron resolve to come through, and a maturity which belied his age.

Saturday 30th October, Pamplona: BARRIOLA beat BENGOETXEA VI 22-15

Abel Barriola overturned the odds at Labrit on Saturday to defeat the much fancied Oinatz Bengoetxea by a margin which defied the attritional nature of the match. Bengoetxea appeared to lack confidence in himself, a surprise for one who has been in blinding form of late. The former Manomanista champion often hurried his shots, and paid in errors. Barriola served up a potent array of shots, outgunning his local rival to set up a meeting with Retegi Bi in the last eight.

Sunday 31st October, Urretxu: PATXI RUIZ beat ARITZ LASA 22-18

In a frenetic game in Urretxu, Patxi Ruiz undid local boy Aritz Lasa with his greater power and accuracy. Lasa made eleven mistakes in the match and these, in the face of an in-form rival, proved his downfall. Patxi was undaunted by the partisan crowd, and held his form to reach the next round, where he will face the formidable challenge of a match against Irujo.

Monday 1st November, Eibar: BERASALUZE VIII beat ARRETXE II 22-17

Pablo Berasaluze became the final pelotari to qualify for the quarter finals, in a match of variable quality. There was much to please the eye at Astelena, but there were also many mistakes, especially from Arretxe, who proverbially took his eye off the ball at crucial moments, gifting points to Pablito. The man from Berriz played the game at a high pace, and showed impressive strength; although never far behind, Arretxe could not wear him down.

The draw for the last eight is as follows:

Friday 5th November, Estella: MARTINEZ DE IRUJO v PATXI RUIZ

Friday 5th November, Larrainzar: GONZALEZ v URRUTIKOETXEA

Saturday 6th November, Pamplona: TITIN III v BERASALUZE VIII

Sunday 7th November, Eibar: BARRIOLA v RETEGI BI

Source: Asegarce

The impressive young Urrutikoetxea is through to the last eight

The impressive young Urrutikoetxea is through to the last eight

Image from El Correo

Cuatro y Medio: Week 1 Round Up

Three games took place in the first round of the 2010 Cuatro y Medio Championship at the weekend. Two matches went to form, although in one the margin of victory was larger than expected, and the third produced a surprise.

In Urretxu on Friday, Aritz Lasa shaded 2010 debutant Lemuno in an error strewn match, to take his place in the last eight, where he will play Patxi Ruiz or Olaetxea. At 19-8, it appeared that the forward from Gipuzkoa would win with ease, but to his credit, his inexperienced rival fought back to 22-17, and leaves the competition with his head held high.

Gernika saw the first upset of the competition as Inigo Diaz trumped Asier Olaizola 22-8. The superiority of the underdog was never in question as he led 2-0, 13-2, 16-4, 20-8 and 22-8. Diaz will now play either Urrutikoetxea or pairs champion Zubieta.

Also on Saturday, Oinatz Bengoetxea, still flaunting his white hot summer form, demolished Mikel Beroiz at Labrit. The former Manomanista champion dominated the game and never allowed his younger opponent any room to move, dispensing the biggest thrashing in the competition since 2003, when Berasaluze VIII beat Inaki Larralde by the same margin. Oinatz struck ten winners to only one error while Beroiz managed just two winners, a paltry tally when set alongside his six errors. The victor has sent a clear signal of intent, and will now play either Barriola or Saralegi in the last eight, with the confidence of having recently swept the former aside on the way to the Torneo del Nitro title in Zalla.

The remaining first round matches take place from Friday to Sunday, and I will publish broadcast information when it becomes available.

Inigo Diaz produced the surprise of the week

Inigo Diaz produced the surprise of the week

Image from El Correo