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Jai Alai: Miami Report Monday 16/3

The first two games of the day were just dominated by Aitzol, who actually scored 16 dtraight points to start the day. He was using his left side rebote with great power and catching everything in sight. Guisasola also chipped in with some great picas in game two.

Aitzol started game three with two more ponts before getting defeated, then another eight team Cavier/Chaulderon finished the game in effortless fashion.

Game four was a long game filled with many game points, that ended up being won by the five Aragues/Airpirarte. I was on game point with the seven and one in that game, only to have my superfecta dreams dashed:( lol. Aizarna plays the game with a bulldog mentality but he gets hurt by dropped left sides. Conrado also got hit hard by the pelota in his back in that game, glad to see he is okay.

Game five was being controlled by Aritz who was eventually defeated by Aragues and then Aizarna ran six straight points and dropped a desperation rebote by Jon. A terrible drop. Jon ran the game out with some nifty right side catching and some well placed chic chacs. High cesta Jon, as I has the tri twice and that salvaged my day. 🙂

Games six and seven were also won by Aragues who had a great day. He does such a wonderful job controlling the pace of a point when he is on his game. I also seen he won the eighth game with Patrick so a very good day for the seasoned frontcourter.

Aizpitarte had his first feature game win of his career in game 10 with Goiko. High cesta!

Bereikua won game 12. He look very comfortable in singles but is struggling in doubles,I wonder why that is?