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Olaizola II and Albisu Champions in Zarautz

Wednesday 16th August, Zarautz


Torneo Villa de Zarautz Final

Aimar Olaizola and Jon Ander Albisu came from behind to win the day at Aritzbatalde last night, thus lifting the crown in the 2012 Torneo Villa de Zarautz. The tournament was sadly truncated this year, consisting of one match only but this did not dampen the competitive nature of the tie, in which the defending champions were forced to scrap by the pretenders to the title. In the early play, the Aspe pair dominated, going up 16-11 and looking in control. However, once Manomanista Champion Olaizola slipped up a gear, there was little Irujo and Zubieta could do to control him. Olaizola showed off his full repertoire of shots while Albisu grew in consistency, and Irujo and Zubieta added only two more points before succumbing 22-18.

Scoring sequence: 2-0/ 2-1/ 2-4/ 6-4/ 6-7/ 7/ 7-10/ 16/ 20-16/ 20-17/ 21-17/ 21-18/ 22-18
Winners/errors: Olaizola 6/4 (1 service winner), Irujo 6/7, Albisu 0/7, Zubieta 0/7
Match time: 59 minutes with 26 minutes of actual play
Balls hit: 525

Zarautz: Irujo and Laskurain the Champions in Error Marred Final

Tuesday 16th August, Zarautz


The Zarautz final was defined more by errors than by winners. Duels between Irujo and Olaizola II are always much anticipated, but this edition of the long running saga ended in disappointment for the 800 pelotazales who packed Aritzbatalde, as 13 of Irujo and Laskurain’s 22 points came from the errors of their opponents. Albisu, so much improved in the semi final after his drubbing in Vitoria-Gasteiz the previous week, was the major culprit, giving away six points, and failing to return three Irujo service winners which looked eminently hittable. Olaizola, too, was strangely out of sorts, although with a slight tweak to his radar things may have been very different, as time and again, potential winners, especially to the wide court, fell just low.

Gallingly for the Asegarce pair, they actually started out rather well, going up 6-3, with Olaizola taking advantage of the solidity of Albisu to strike the ball brutally into space. However, a wide return from the young defender opened the floodgates, and Irujo, defending like a terrier, upped the pace by volleying whenever he could. Laskurain struggled at first to cope with the air that Olaizola produced, but as his opponents faltered, it was enough to play conservatively, waiting for the errors to come. He was awarded the prize for player of the tournament, largely thanks to his splendid performance in the semi finals.

Albisu is only 21, and must not despair; the flashes of immense talent he has shown in his first year as a professional give Asegarce enormous hope for the future, and a credible defending option to set alongside Begino and Beroiz in the years to come. This exposure to the big time, playing alongside one of the all-time greats, will serve him well, despite his nervous unease. Despite many of their points being handed to them on a platter, Irujo and Laskurain greatly deserved this win, playing with sense and accuracy, with an added portion of fire when required.

Scoring sequence: 0-3, 6-3, 6-7, 7-7, 7-12, 8-12, 8-22

Service winners/errors: Olaizola 0/0, Irujo 0/5

Winners/errors: Olaizola 2/7, Albisu 0/6, Irujo 4/3, Laskurain 0/3

Match time: 37:16

Balls hit: 280

Player of the tournament, Aritz Laskurain

Player of the tournament, Aritz Laskurain

Image from El Correo

Zarautz News Round-up, and Final Coverage (Tonight!)

The final of the Torneo Villa de Zarautz takes place tonight at Aritzbatalde. Matches start at 17:00 CEST, but note that ETB Sat coverage is delayed, and will begin at 22:05 CEST.

In the first semi final, on Friday, OLAIZOLA II and ALBISU won a resounding 22-11 victory over GONZALEZ (standing in for Xala), and ZUBIETA. There was not much to choose between the defenders, both of whom did an adequate job. Albisu, much to his and everyone’s relief, was much improved from his debacle with Xala in Vitoria-Gasteiz the previous week. The real discrepancy came in the forwards, where Gonzalez was very lacklustre, and Olaizola was stunning, firing 14 winners to only one error, creating space with ease in which to fire his relentless salvo. He barely broke sweat.

On Saturday, MARTINEZ DE IRUJO and LASKURAIN defeated BENGOETXEA VI and BEGINO, the Virgen Blanca champions, to claim their final spot. Bengoetxea, so scintillating in the summer tournaments thus far, was below his best, gifting Irujo far too much, and not putting him under any telling pressure. Begino was solid, but was outplayed by Laskurain, as the Aspe pair took the tie 22-16. Irujo would dearly love a trophy to salvage his less than brilliant season; in his quest to achieve it, he must overcome arch-rival Aimar and his storming form.

Tuesday 16th August, Zarautz


Followed by OLAIZOLA II – ALBISU v MARTINEZ DE IRUJO  – LASKURAIN Torneo Villa de Zarautz Final

To watch, go to https://www.eitb.eus/television/etb-sat/en-directo

All eyes are on Zarautz tonight

All eyes are on Zarautz tonight

Image from: georg-wieler.de

Pelota on ETB Sat, 12th-14th August: Torneo Villa de Zarautz

The Torneo Villa de Zarautz begins tonight, with the first of two semi finals. The winners of each will proceed directly to the final on Tuesday 16th. Xala was to have appeared alongside Zubieta, with whom he won the Pairs Championship in 2010, but he is injured and will be replaced by Gonzalez. Tomorrow’s semi, which will not be streamed online, is between Bengoetxea VI-Begino and Gonzalez-Laskurain.

Friday 12th August, Zarautz


Followed by GONZALEZ – ZUBIETA v OLAIZOLA II – ALBISU Zarautz Semi Final

Sunday 14th August, Zarautz



To watch, go to https://www.eitb.eus/television/etb-sat/en-directo