Basque is Sexy

I´ve been to the III Basque Tourism Week, held in Donostia-San Sebastián, Bilbao and Vitoria-Gasteiz. Lots of interesting people discussing about how to improve the quantity and quality of visits to our beautiful but alas! so unknown country. There was one sentence, though, that got all my attention, Basque is sexy, and yes, I think we are, and for a lot of reasons…

…because of our love for good food, good drinking and festivals…because there are plenty of places  yet to be discovered…because we make one of the best cheeses in the world (Idiazabal) but many others too…because in such a small territory we have sea, beaches, mountains, forests, lakes, caves and rivers…because our fiestas last long and suit all tastes and are really fun…because of our love for rural sports…because of our love for traditions…because of our unique language, euskera, so enigmatic…because we make one of the best wines in the world, the Rioja…because we don´t speak English and signs are in Basque and Spanish and tourists appreciate it…because of our laid back and easy going way of life…because we have the higher number of Michelin starred restaurants per head…because we keep a nice balance between rural and city life…because we have one of the most beautiful cities in Europe (in the world?), San Sebastián…because kids are welcome everywhere and we love to have them around…because of our love for families…and because a sunset from the top of the Hanging Bridge is a lifetime experience…among many other things…

It´s about time you come and visit a place full of  positive experiences and emotions…where you will find at home. And this is not just a gimmick!!

2 thoughts on “Basque is Sexy

  1. Jeanne

    I have to agree with you here. I moved to Bilbao in August to study abroad at Deusto University, and I definitely love the Basque Country! The food is amazing, the people are super friendly, and I just have so much fun. I haven’t fallen in love with a place so thoroughly in my life. Basque is definitely sexy. 😀

    1. Mugalari Post author

      Thank you Jeanne, I studied at Deusto University as well and lived almost next door for years (my parents still live there). If interested in discovering new off the beaten path places, or you would like to have any mentioned here, just drop a line and let me know!!

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