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Good Luck Udane and Julen!

My cousin Udane has been studying very hard for her final exam this year!  She would only take breaks when I would tell her it was time to go to the nearby bar for a quick drink!!   I wish Udane the best of luck and may she enjoy herself after her test at San Pedro Jaiak (St. Peter’s festival) in Mungia!!!  First round of drinks are on me!!!  In my original post I forgot to add her boyfriend Julen who has also been studying like crazy.  Good luck to you both and stilll…the first round of drinks are on me!




3 thoughts on “Good Luck Udane and Julen!

  1. Robert Dennis

    Good luck Udane and also to Julen. Belles, Lish tells me that you are going to the Running Of the Bulls for your birthday. Pet one for me ! I didn’t get the chance when I was there !

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