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Winemaker Andrew Halliwell of San Sebastián Food

Dropping in to San Sebastián Food’s wine tasting space today I met with winemaker Andrew Halliwell.  Walking in, the long table caught my eye—a glass-topped Basque fishing boat—and I knew I was in an artistic culinary explorers’ scene.  Andrew lucidly guided me through the origins and the processing of a few bottles before I could find out more about the man himself.  When he handed me his own “Viña Pomal” from Bodegas Bilbainas, I knew I had to hear more about the skill behind such a piece of liquid art.

This Oxford educated engineer draws from experience with 13 harvests at 9 wineries on 5 continents.  Andrew has practiced the art of winemaking among the vineyards of Chile and India, Barossa Valley “down unda” in my home country Australia, and in the oldest winery in Las Americas in Mexico.  And though he has developed his expertise over years, he would rather focus on bringing the story of each wine to your palate.

Andrew loves to take people through the “Sherry Tasting” and “Tasting with the Winemaker” courses offered at San Sebastián Food’s wine-aboard-txalupa tasting space.  And today he piqued my interest when I heard about his “50 Hot Spanish Wines”—a freshly garnered, deliciously drinkable list from all over the Iberian Peninsula.

So, if you’re staying nearby and want to know more with every pour, then Andrew is your guide.  His relaxed professional enthusiasm for wine combined with his extensive knowledge and behind-the-scenes wine experience bring the best of Iberian wines to San Sebastián Food.

Why not inquire about his Spanish wines courses or just come in to chat about what he loves best.

By Jonathan McCallum

San Sebastián Food

San Sebastián Food, Photo by Jonathan McCallum

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