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San Sebastián, A Flourishing Culinary City

San Sebastián’s nearly two hundred thousand inhabitants living by the beautiful La Concha beach might be biased in thinking of their flourishing culinary city as the food capital of the world.  But the Basque Country does have the highest concentration of Michelin-starred restaurants per capita on earth.  And its stunning scenery is treasured by the ancient people who have traditionally lived in baserri farm houses, pulling the best tomatoes, lettuces and peppers out of this hilly land where sheep have dotted the landscape and put excellent cheeses on the table for centuries, possibly millennia.  The richness of the cuisine is matched only by the richness of the culture, and at San Sebastián Food, our passion is to create experiences that take the visitor to the best of the Basque Country.

At SSF, linger around the glass-topped fishing boat tables of the wine tasting space at SSF’s office where the Urumea River meets the sea in San Sebastián.  Or head out for pintxos, Basque tapas, the emblematic gastronomic piece of the Basque Country.  In culinary classes, learn the ins and outs of traditional and modern Basque dishes.  Then, it’s out to the top tapas bars to have a pote with the locals, and maybe even swap kitchen tips with some renowned chefs out for a taste of the town.

To highlight just a few of the staff at San Sebastián Food:

Jon & Nicole Warren lead the team at San Sebastián Food and make it their business that their guests experience not only a culinary course, but a journey into the Basque culture.  

SSF’s Eli and Lourdes are Basque gourmands well-acquainted with the art—and art it is—of finding the best pintxos in town, and Eli’s enthusiasm and Lourdes’s passion flow along with the wine in San Sebastián’s exploratory pintxo tours.  

And Andrew Halliwell, specializing in the Spanish wine scene, has bottled wine on five continents, and having recently compiled a list of the Hot 50 Spanish Wines, he will ensure guests learn more with every pour.

Interested in knowing where the top quality produce is grown? Join local expert Agustin, a multi-talented food professional and take a tour of Aroa Farms in the beautiful fishing village of Getaria.

Words & below photo by Jonathan McCallum

"Tear Peas" from Jaime Burgaña's Aroa Farm. Photo by Jonathan McCallum“Tear Peas” from Jaime Burgaña’s Aroa Farm.

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