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Pariès – Gourmandises Basques

My eyes were delighted by the sights of pastries and confections and my mouth was in sweet ecstasy from the chocolates and turrones of Pariès – Gourmandises Basques.  You can see the tempting sweets below, and the range of chocolates was from rich and dark to sweet and creamy.

The Expresso chocolate was the best coffee-infused truffle I have tasted, and the Rocher Noir offered a creamy reminder of the familiar treat with the depth of dark chocolate to round it out.  The Iranja chocolate surprised me with a soft burst that almost bubbled, and the Café Noisettes turrón was fudgy and sticky with a hit of toffee under the coffee.  Perfection in confection.


Dollops and Turrones of Pariès, Donostia

Pariès's Traditional Basque Cake

Pariès’s Traditional Basque Cake


The air was scented Raspberry on Alameda Boulevard


A tower of delicate dainties at Pariès


Something for everyone at Pariès, Donostia


Photos by Jonathan McCallum

Words by Sarah McCallum


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