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Donibane Exploring

If you are visiting the Basque Country, Donibane Lohitzune captures the beauty of the Basque coast where the Nivelle River empties into a beautiful bay. The charming town’s shops offer everything from high end clothing to gourmet chocolate and Basque souvenirs, and on Friday mornings catch the open-air market with dozens of stalls selling homemade cheeses, sausages, breads, jams and more.  Chatting to the friendly staff at “Hôtel de la Plage“, they tell me that most visitors have heard of Biarritz yet not of Donibane Lohizune – St Jean de Luz. In some ways I like it like that, a bit of the untouched quaintness.

The Basque coast is gaining popularity not only for the sightseer or food savvy explorer but those seeking the best surf breaks. From the long beaches in the Northern Basque Country (Iparralde) to next door Gipuzkoa, there are a variety of waves to explore. The colder autumn and winter seasons bring the big swells and the pro surfers!

Donibane by Jonathan McCallum

Donibane Lohitzune – St. Jean de Luz’s charm and a few of the waves farther down the coast

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