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Olentzero & Holiday Hampers

HolidaySSFThe Christmas season is approaching and the team at San Sebastián Food have prepared a delicious assortment of Basque and Spanish goods in a holiday hamper.

“Eguberri On” meaning “Happy New Day” is the typical Christmas greeting in Basque.  Have you heard of Olentzero?  He is the lovable, gift-giving coalman with a healthy appetite who enjoys a few drinks over the holidays.  Depicted as a Basque peasant wearing a boina (beret), abarketa shoes and smoking a pipe, you are more likely to see him hanging from home and shop windows like Santa Claus.  Olentzero’s origin dates back to ancient Basque legends, and his story is even broader than Christmas.

So, whether you are in the Basque Country or not this holiday season, you can enjoy an Eguberri On with San Sebastián Food’s holiday hamper.  Celebrate like Olentzero with the local food and wine of the Basque Country and Spain.

For tasty entertaining and gift ideas download the brochure here:

Spanish catalog: SSF catálogo de las Navidades

English catalog: SSF Holiday Hamper Brochure

Or visit the SSF Gourmet Shop website or San Sebastián Food for more information about upcoming tours, tastings and classes.

For orders or further information email or call +34 943 421 143 and select option #3 to speak to the team.

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