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Getaria to Goierri

Yesterday, Fernando of Embajada de la Huerta gathered together a few of us from Gipuzkoa and we joined others from Bilbao & Gasteiz as a group of gastronomy, culture and Basque Country enthusiasts known here as “Igers” (see their photos on Instagram below).

Fernando and I left from the coast nearby Zarautz and Getaria–the Basque Highlands of Goierri only one hour inland.  We had the privilege of visiting several cultural sites in this beautiful part of Gipuzkoa: the Idiazabal Cheese Museum, the Ondarre Cheese Shoppe, the medieval village of Segura, the Mines of Aizpea, Oiharte Cider HouseInterpretation Centre of the Aizkorri-Aratz Nature Park in Zegama, and the Elikatuz Centre of Food and Gastronomy.

For a personal, organized tour of the Goierri region, contact San Sebastian Food.

Photography by Jonathan McCallum

JonathanMcCallum Lazkaomendi



Cider Making at Oiharte Casa Rural – Sidrería


Three varieties of Apples to balance the delicate, delicious Cider flavours at Oiharte Casa Rural – Sidrería

Mines of Aizpea

Mines of Aizpea

Goierri "The Basque Highlands"

Goierri “The Basque Highlands”

Here are photos from the local Instagrammers catching glimpses of beauty in the Basque Highlands.

Me encanta el queso #idiazabal #visitgoierri

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#Visitgoierri menudas vistas de la sierra de #aralar tenemos desde el barrio de #lazkaomendi en #lazkao

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